Notes & News

  • Merry Christmas from JMO Mobile Modular LLC!

    Merry Christmas from JMO Mobile Modular LLC We would like to thank our loyal customers for a great 2016 and we look forward to an even better 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Joe, Mark, Patty, Kyle & Steve

  • 8 x 28 Construction Combo Office

    8 x 28 Combo Office

    This mobile field office provides a small office and plenty of storage for tools and equipment at the job site. Unlike ground level offices this building is on wheels and can be set up on your site. JMO Mobile Modular has 2 of these units available. Contact Mark at 800-747-5467 or and ask for […]

  • 10 x 42 Construction Site Field Office

    We recently refurbished our stock #684, a 10×42 construction site field office. As you can see, our JMO Mobile Modular  crew does a great job rehabbing and updating our Construction Site Field Offices. This unit has 2 offices, a common area and a restroom. All new interior and exterior finishes – looks better than it did when it was […]

  • Why lease locally for a jobsite instead of a large national company?

    A local citizen was driving by a construction site with their windows down after hours. They heard a piece of machinery running without anyone on the jobsite. That passerby called the police because they thought it was suspicious. The local police called the only local company that equipment on the jobsite. That equipment was a […]

  • 70th Annual Iowa Association of School Board’s Annual Convention

    JMO Mobile Modular was recently recognized by the Iowa Association of School Boards for being a supporter and exhibitor at their Annual Convention held in Des Moines for 15 years. At JMO, we feel it is important to support gatherings such as these – not only for Administrators and School Board Members to become familiar […]

  • Modular Construction – 60 years ago

    Modular Construction has been around for a long time – I ran across this page that has some videos about how modular construction was done in the 1950’s, and wanted to share it with you.  This is some pretty amazing stuff!                

  • Re-purposed Modular Buildings

    One of the great things about modular buildings is that they are so versatile. JMO leased an education coded building to a school district in Southwest Missouri in 1998. That 24×42 building was custom designed for the school’s needs, and contained 3 small classroom areas. The building worked well for them, and they kept it […]

  • Relocatable Classroom Toolkit

    The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the trade organization for those of us engaged in the Commercial Modular Construction industry.  Their website Modular Building Institute ( contains a wealth of information about the advantages of commercial modular construction. One of the items available on their website is  a 7 page relocatable classroom toolkit for parents and […]