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Why lease locally for a jobsite instead of a large national company?

A local citizen was driving by a construction site with their windows down after hours. They heard a piece of machinery running without anyone on the jobsite. That passerby called the police because they thought it was suspicious. The local police called the only local company that equipment on the jobsite. That equipment was a JMO Mobile Modular container. The local police typically know the owners of companies and called the cell phone of the owner of JMO Mobile Modular. We were able to go to the jobsite after hours and assess the problem.

As it turns out, the project manager had left a generator running on purpose, they had 3 scissor lifts that needed charging. The owner called the police back and gave them the information so they would know what it was next time. The police were thankful and the project manager was thankful people were looking out for his jobsite. They were especially thankful they had a local vendor like JMO Mobile Modular to help after hours.

When you are looking at a jobsite, rent your equipment locally, it will probably save you time and money, but also gives you another business watching out for your project.

If you want a company that has competitive pricing and local hometown values call JMO Mobile Modular for your next construction trailer and storage container. With over 25 years in business, JMO Mobile Modular has a lot of contacts in the Midwest, so we have the contacts needed to help in many after-hours needs.