Notes & News

  • Re-purposed Modular Buildings

    One of the great things about modular buildings is that they are so versatile. JMO leased an education coded building to a school district in Southwest Missouri in 1998. That 24×42 building was custom designed for the school’s needs, and contained 3 small classroom areas. The building worked well for them, and they kept it […]

  • Relocatable Classroom Toolkit

    The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the trade organization for those of us engaged in the Commercial Modular Construction industry.  Their website Modular Building Institute ( contains a wealth of information about the advantages of commercial modular construction. One of the items available on their website is  a 7 page relocatable classroom toolkit for parents and […]

  • shipping containers

    Shipping Containers: Underground Shelters Or Additions To The Home

    Shipping Containers have MANY uses! Shipping Containers aren’t just for shipping anymore.  Many people use these heavy duty metal boxes as storage units, and recently people have been using them as underground shelters, or even converting them into living quarters!!!  The uses for these simple structures are only limited by your imagination.  Check out the […]