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JMO Modular has been providing high-quality, reasonably priced new and used Commercial Modular Buildings to School Districts and Businesses throughout the Midwest for over 25 years.  We can help you with the planning and implementation of customized additional space to meet whatever space needs your organization may currently have or may run into in the future.

Commercial Modular Buildings are non-residential factory-built structures designed to meet federal, state and local building codes – the same codes that traditional “stick-built” structures must meet.  The primary advantages of modular construction are the speed at which projects can be completed with a minimal amount of disruption to classroom or business activities, along with some cost savings resulting from the efficiencies associated with factory construction.  These buildings can be used for permanent or relocatable purposes, and are, by their very nature, some of the most “green” types of construction available.

We have in our fleet several used standard “double classroom” buildings, or we can provide a new building manufactured to your specific requirements.

Our most popular double classroom comes sized 24 x 68 (1,632 square feet total, with classrooms sized approximately 792 square feet), and can be delivered with or without restrooms, as requested.


24X68 class

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It is important to allow sufficient time in advance of your need for classroom space for completion of your site work and manufacture and delivery of the building.  Therefore we ask that you let Mark know if I can be of any assistance to you as soon as possible.

In addition to our portable buildings, we can also provide permanent set modular buildings based upon your specific needs and site requirements.  Our modular buildings are very attractive, and can constructed so as to match or complement your existing buildings, even with brick siding or steel roofs if you so desire.  Please contact me for a free custom quote if you are interested in this type of building.

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Site Work

The following are associated costs that may be incurred when installing a typical 24×68 (nominal) relocatable classroom.  A range is given due to variables relating to site conditions and location.

  1. Concrete piers, footings, blocks or Full perimeter block foundation
  2. Water and sewer runs
  3. Electrical installation
  4. Fire Alarm System
  5. Ramp, deck 2 rear steps (Wood or All Aluminum)
  6. Gutters and down spouts


We recommend that you estimate $ 25,000 to $ 50,000, depending upon your unique site conditions to cover cost of the above items.  This should provide a reasonable cost margin.

This does not include expenses related to local codes and approvals, landscaping, sidewalks, signage, or local architectural approvals related to the site. It should also be noted that all classrooms must come with a State seal. If requested, a State sealed set of plans executed by a licensed architect or engineer is an additional cost in some states.

Here is a picture of what a properly prepared site looks like before the relocatable classroom is delivered.

Du Quoin 4 (3)

We work with schools in IL, MO, IN, IA & KY. We know all the requirements so there are no surprises, that probably why we have so many repeat classroom customers. Whether you need a temporary portable classroom or a new permanent structure we can meet any need you may have. Please let Mark know whether you are looking to buy or to lease a building for your space needs. We will be happy to assist you in meeting your need.

[email protected] or 800-747-5467