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JMO Modular has a construction field office to fit any need.
We have 8′, 10′ and 12′ single wide offices in various lengths.
Click HERE for some pictures of our construction field office.
We offer long and short term leases.
Let us know what you need and we will deliver an office to your job site.
About JMO Modular offices
Most of our mobile office units include windows, basic lighting, vinyl floors, and HVAC. Anything beyond that is considered an add-on, which means you have to pay extra for it. A feature like skirting is a common add-on.
Many of the larger trailers include bathrooms in the standard package. But it’s the customer’s responsibility to connect the utilities, so be sure to arrange ahead of time for plumbers (or electricians, phone/Internet service technicians, etc.) to come in and make the connections once the unit has been installed.
What size mobile office do you need?
That depends on the number of employees you have—the number of people that will utilize the space. As a guideline, each person will need 100-150 square feet of space.  A single-wide is generally a mobile office trailer that is 12’ wide or less. An 8’x16′ will accommodate 1 person and a 12’x56′ will accommodate 4-6 people. JMO Modular has 8’, 10’ & 12’ wide offices so we can provide an office to fit your staff and site needs.
Prepping your site for delivery
The site needs to be level and clear. The weight of the delivery truck plus the mobile typically is 30,000 pounds or more. If the office will be set on dirt it will need to be completely dry during delivery and pick up. We prefer to set on hard even surface such as asphalt, cement or gravel.
Space for the delivery/pick up
Getting to the site, can our truck and trailer access the site without difficulty? Narrow roads/driveways and steep hills pose a challenge. During delivery, the truck will back up to the site and roll the office up to the site. You should plan on having an extra 5 or 6 feet of length available in addition to the exact length of the unit. This will allow for a little breathing room to make the delivery smooth. Since most mobile office trailers are on wheels, they are fairly easy to position once on the site.
Once your mobile office unit has been delivered and positioned on your site, the delivery team will block and level the unit, anchor it to the ground, and install any add-ons that you requested, such as decks, ADA-compliant ramps, and skirting.
Once the unit is on your site
JMO will provide routine upkeep and maintenance for the units for the duration of the lease period. Call JMO at 618-997-6072 if the unit needs repair or maintenance.
You are responsible for general cleaning and housekeeping, routine changing of HVAC filters and repair of any damage you may cause during the lease.
If you plan to affix signs or anything to the outside of the building please discuss with Mark so that the building is not damaged.
When you are ready for the office to be picked up
Call our office at 618-997-6072  to schedule a pick up date and time.
Make sure the unit is disconnected from utilities, empty, broom cleaned and in good repair and condition, normal wear and tear is expected.
Leave keys in the building or give to the driver at pick up, if keys to building are not returned there will be a charge for replacement keys